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Ghost Hunts

Ghost Hunts give people a hands-on opportunity to experience a paranormal investigation in a safe, informative and, above all, fun environment. We arrange exclusive access to sites in and around Brisbane that have a reputation for being haunted, give you the skills to investigate paranormal activity and ultimately, based on the groups finding on the night, you determine whether the site is or is not haunted!

Some of the investigative techniques Ghost Hunters will be doing include:

  • EMF Readings - detecting disturbances in the electro magnetic field.
  • EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) - looking for strange voices or sounds in digital recordings.
  • Spiritualist Techniques (Dowsing Rods, Pendulums & Communication Boards) - attempting to communicate directly with any 'presences'.
  • Cameras - We set up video cameras that run all night to detect any anomalies. Clients are also encouraged to bring their own cameras (still & video) to aid in their investigation.

Our Ghost Hunts are kept small and intimate. A maximum 20 Ghost Hunters on a night who are then split into three smaller groups allowing more time on your own to 'experience' something paranormal. At the end of the Ghost Hunt some time will be provided for the group to discuss their findings.

A Ghost Hunt is different to a Ghost Tour. A Ghost Tour is conducted of a specific haunted site with the intention of conveying the haunted history of a location through story-telling. A Ghost Hunt is aimed at those who wish to learn about the craft of paranormal investigation in an entertaining and safe way.

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